Live From Cincinnati... Bringin' It Home
Nicole C. Mullen
Word / Curb / Warner Bros.


STREETDATE: October 28, 2003


Style: Pop

CDUPC: 080688627720

CDPRICE: $17.98

Nicole C. Mullen has become one of the most loved and respected singer/songwriters in the Christian industry.  Beginning with her Dove Award in 1998 for 'On My Knees,' her rise to the forefront of the Christian music industry is not surprising.  She is gifted with exceptional writing and dynamic performance ability and her knowledge and genuine passion about teaching the Word is evident to anyone she encounters.  To top it off she is captivatingly beautiful but will she the first to tell you that growing up in Cincinnati she was that 'little girl with pigtails sticking up' that was teased about her looks and dress.

All these elements are captured on her first ever live album and DVD, Live In Cincinnati...Bringing It Home.  Recorded at the Aronoff Theater before an audience of friends, family and thousands of fans, Live In Cincinnati is a front row seat at a Nicole C. Mullen concert.  Nicole takes us on a whirlwind journey of worship and dance music as she performs songs from Nicole C. Mullen and Talk About It including her signature hit, 'Redeemer.'  Several new songs are also showcased.  Bonus DVD footage includes a tour of Nicole's Cincinnati neighborhood where you meet family and friends that shaped who she is today.  You will also visit Nashville and Nicoles' present life as a mother and artist who also spends time with her Baby Girls' Camp, a weekly mentoring camp for young girls to learn musical instruments, dance, share their poetry and to pray.

*Combined sales nearing 1,000,000 units
*Six Dove Awards including 2002 'Female Vocalist Of The Year' and 2001 Song Of The Year 'Redeemer'
*11 Dove Award nominations
*2003 Grammy nominee, Pop,Contemporary Gospel Album Of The Year, Talk About It
*'Redeemer' #1 AC and INSPO radio single, CCM Magazine AC Song Of The Year, #1 Christian video, #1 selling vocal performance track (soundscan)

*National CCM publicity campaign
*National and regional CBA and mainstream retail priority
*New song will be promoted at AC radio
*Cross promotion of Live In Cincinnati...Bringing It Home and Christmas In Black And White with toonacious release, ''Tis The Reason DVD' which streets October 14
*DVD/CD will be cross-promoted via retail and new media outlets
*DVD packaged in jewel case and can be racked in music section
*Joint CD/DVD retail merch

1. intro/talk about it LISTEN  
2. color LISTEN  
3. freedom LISTEN  
4. call on jesus LISTEN STUDIO SERIES
5. baby girl LISTEN  
6. the ring LISTEN  
7. black white tan LISTEN  
8. homemade LISTEN  
9. music of my heart LISTEN  
10. on my knees LISTEN STUDIO SERIES
12. victory LISTEN  
13. shooby LISTEN  
14. witness LISTEN  
15. o come all ye faithful/outro LISTEN  

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