God's Super Hero Costume Play Set (Size 4/6)
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STREETDATE: October 13, 2012

VHSUPC: 820413008208

VHSPRICE: $24.99

With “God's Super Hero Costume Set” kids can dress up right along with their favorite heroes from “The League of Incredible Vegetables.”


  • High quality, visually stunning fabric
  • Long sleeved shirt with detachable cape
  • Reversible eye mask in blue and red
  • Available in sizes 2-4 and 4-6

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    Lord of the Beans (2009) DVD 820413114695
    Lyle El Vikingo Amable (Lyle the Kindly ...) DVD 820413109998
    Lyle The Kindly Viking (Veggie Classics) DVD 820413101596
    Lyle The Kindly Viking (Veggie Classics) VHS 820413101534
    MacLarry & the Stinky Cheese Battle DVD 820413131791
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    Madame Blueberry/Esther DVD 820413111397
    Merry Larry And The True Light Of Christmas DVD 820413132095
    Mini Plush in Display (Pre-Pak) DVD 819770006521
    Minnesota Cuke DVD 820413103293
    Minnesota Cuke (Spanish Version) DVD 820413108991
    Minnesota Cuke and Noah's Umbrella (Blu-ray Disc) DVD 820413123543
    Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah’s Umbrella DVD 820413114091
    Moe Y El Gran Escape (Spanish Moe & the Big Exit) DVD 820413109691
    Moe and the Big Exit DVD 820413108694
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    O Holy Night CD 820413115722
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    Rack, Shack and Benny (Repackage) DVD 820413113193
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    Robin Good And His Not-So-Merry Men DVD 820413123390
    Robin Good Lenticular Puzzle VHS 820413004408
    Robin Good and His Not-So-Merry Men DVD 820413123390
    Royalty Collection DVD 820413120191
    Saint Nicholas - A Story of Joyful Giving DVD 820413114596
    Saint Nicholas: A Story of Joyful Giving DVD 820413114596
    Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler DVD 820413107192
    Sherluck Holmes/Ballad of Little Joe DVD 820413111595
    Silly Little Thing Called Love DVD 820413116095
    Silly Songs With Larry CD 080688616427
    Silly Songs With Larry: The Complete Collection DVD 820413131999
    Sing Alongs: O Veggie Where Art Thou? CD 820413503123
    Slushie Bath Toy VHS 820413005504
    Snoodle's Tale, A/King George & the Ducky DVD 820413125691
    Soft & Squeezy Ball Set VHS 820413005801
    Songs for a Princess CD 820413115524
    St. Nick Large Larry Flannel Plush DVD 81977000651
    Stand Up, Stand Tall, Stand Strong DVD 080688618599
    Storytime with Bob and Larry Volume 1 CD 820413111021
    Storytime with Bob and Larry Volume 2 CD 820413111120
    Sumo Of The Opera DVD 820413102593
    Super Hero Triple Feature DVD 820413117399
    Sweetpea Beauty DVD 820413117290
    Sweetpea Beauty Lenticular Puzzle VHS 820413004507
    Sweetpea Beauty/Esther (Double Feature) DVD 820413125592
    Sweetpea's Songs for Girls CD 820413115227
    The Ballad Of Little Joe DVD 820413102296
    The Bumblyburg SUPER-HERO Value Pack DVD 080688684099
    The Complete Silly Song Collection DVD 820413102890
    The Good The Bad and the Silly -- A Lesson in Maki CASS 978160587227
    The Little Drummer Boy DVD 820413120399
    The Little Drummer Boy DVD 820413120399
    The Little House That Stood DVD 820413128999
    The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything DVD 025195055369
    The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Sing-Along Songs DVD 820413400996
    The Star Of Christmas DVD 820413100094
    The Star Of Christmas DVD 820413100094
    The Toy That Saved Christmas DVD 080689519796
    The Toy That Saved Christmas DVD 080689519796
    The Ultimate Christmas Collection DVD 820413126599
    The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's DVD 820413110390
    The Wonderful Wizard of Ha's (2009) DVD 820413114794
    Ultimate Christmas Collection, The DVD 820413126599
    Ultimate Silly Song Countdown (Veggie Classics) DVD 820413101695
    VeggiTales: Beauty and the Beet DVD 820413138998
    Veggie Bus VHS 820413000905
    Veggie Christmas Favorites DVD 820413121693
    Veggie Comfort Strips VHS 820413000394
    Veggie Nativity Play Set VHS 820413000509
    Veggie Tales Insulated Lunch Box VHS 820413123109
    Veggie Tunes CD 080688438425
    Veggie Tunes CASS 080688438449
    VeggieEggs VHS 820413000806
    VeggieTales 150 All-Time Favorite Songs! CD 820413115821
    VeggieTales Color Cube Puzzle VHS 820413000349
    VeggieTales Dance Dance Dance Game! DVD 820413600266
    VeggieTales Deluxe Collection DVD 820413115098
    VeggieTales Greatest Hits CD 820413506520
    VeggieTales Holiday Pack DVD 820413112394
    VeggieTales Live! Sing Yourself Silly DVD 820413119096
    VeggieTales Princess Story Collection DVD 820413135492
    VeggieTales: All The Shows Vol. 3 DVD 820413138790
    VeggieTales: All The Songs CD 820413116224
    VeggieTales: Beauty and the Beet: The Soundtrack CD 820413116323
    VeggieTales: Holiday Double Feature DVD 820413140793
    VeggieTales: Holiday Double Feature DVD 820413140694
    VeggieTales: Holiday Double Feature DVD 820413140892
    VeggieTunes 2 CD 080688587420
    Veggies In Space: The Fennel Frontier DVD 820413137397
    Veggietales Christmas Sing-Along Songs DVD 820413117795
    Veggietales Christmas Sing-Along Songs DVD 820413117795
    Veggietales: 25 Favorite Bible Songs! CD 820413116125
    VeggiteTales Bible Story Collection DVD 820413135591
    Very Silly Songs/Ultimate Silly Songs DVD 82043111928
    Where's God When I'm S-Scared - 15th Anniversary DVD 820413112295
    Wizard of Ha's (Blu-ray Disc) DVD 820413123840

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