Upside Of Down, The
Chris August
Fervent Records


STREETDATE: August 21, 2012

CDUPC: 080688838829

CDPRICE: $13.99

Chris August has seen the upside, and the down in these past few years and months- and is better for it. After climbing to relatively quick success with his best-selling debut release, No Far Away, Chris garnered 3 Dove Award wins, spent 6 weeks on top of the radio charts with “Starry Night” and toured with the largest tour in the country.

Setting out to write and produce his sophomore record was a challenge he was energized and confident about, and deadset on what he wanted to say. Ironically, while recording, Chris experienced a true “down” moment when he was in a serious skateboarding accident. Returning to the studio with a renewed awareness and sensitivity, song after song began to have new meaning and importance.

A 14-track album, Chris was set on writing and crafting songs that were purposeful, vulnerable and direct, not shying away from truth and not hiding meaning with metaphor. Stand out tracks include the upbeat “Center Of It”, gospel-infused “Amen”, and compelling ballad, “This Side of Heaven”.
1. Center of It    
2. The Upside of Down    
3. Amen    
4. This Side of Heaven    
5. Restore    
6. Let There Be Light    
7. I Believe    
8. 1989    
9. Unashamed of You    
10. A Little More Jesus    
11. Let The Music Play    
12. Water Into Wine    
13. Meant To Be    
14. Truth Is Still True    

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