If We're Honest
Francesca Battistelli


STREETDATE: April 22, 2014


Style: Contemporary Pop

CDUPC: 080688876821

CDPRICE: $13.99

Take a close listen to If We’re Honest -- the stunning, soulful and openhearted third album by Christian music superstar Francesca Battistelli, a Grammy Award nominee and six time Dove Award winner -- and you will hear that her latest song cycle is a deeply honest and powerful piece of work vividly reflecting the 28-year-old singer-songwriter’s own journey. “I definitely think the albums I’ve made have documented my journey from being a young woman to being a young mom,” says Battistelli. “On the first album, My Paper Heart, I had just graduated college and moved to Nashville. I was single and had no idea what was really in store for me. I think you can hear my searching on that album. There are a lot of songs about trust and trying to figure out what God was going to do in my life. Back then I was a young woman wondering where my life was headed. “ Of course, Battistelli was headed towards a tremendous and uplifting success story with My Paper Heart, hitting #1 on the Christian charts in 2008, and breaking the Top 40 on the Billboard Top 200 pop charts too. “I’m Letting Go” would become Battistelli’s first hit, while “Free To Be Me” earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Gospel Performance. By the time of her sophomore effort, 2011’s Hundred More Years, Battistelli was already an established star in the Christian music world. As she recalls, “By then, I found myself on this very exciting crazy train, I had just gotten married and was soon expecting our first child. Life was a little bit nuts then, and I think that’s reflected on that record -- which is a little bit more serious. You can hear me trying to make sense of it all on that album – or at least trying my best.” Again, Hundred More Years would prove to be a considerable success, another #1 album on the Christian chart, and a Top Twenty success on the pop charts as well.“ Now, with If We’re Honest , Battistelli has created her most personal and accomplished musical statement yet. “This album is a really good reflection of where I’ve been lately in my life,” she says. “My family and I moved back to Nashville in May from Atlanta, and I went right to work writing for this album. From my perspective, it felt like the pressure was off after that famously terrifying second album and all that was happening back then with touring and trying to make an album as good as the first. The second time around, a lot of artists put so much pressure on themselves. This time around, I really just let go of all that self-imposed pressure, and had more faith in myself and in God. Somehow I felt as though I didn’t have to prove as much, even to myself. And somehow that allowed me to do my best work.“ Working in Nashville with many of the same musicians who’ve graced her previous releases was significantly more relaxed this time. “We’d moved back to Nashville, so there weren’t so many constraints on my time. Before it was like, you have four days to be in Nashville and write the songs. Be creative. GO!” This time, it felt more like a regular job for the first time as a mom. I was able to leave home at 9 in the morning, get back at 4, in the afternoon, make dinner for the kids and tuck them in too. It was a much easier process for me and I think that’s reflected on the record. I’ve got a better handle on motherhood now, and there was just more energy and joy on this album – which was needed. For me, it is almost a perfect mix of the first two albums. “
1. Write Your Story    
2. When The Crazy Kicks In    
3. He Knows My Name    
4. Unusual    
5. If We're Honest    
6. Run To Jesus    
7. Hands Of God (featuring Matt Hammitt)    
8. Giants Fall    
9. Find Rest    
10. Holy Spirit    

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