Natalie Grant
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STREETDATE: October 15, 2013

CDUPC: 715187935921

CDPRICE: $13.99

I have had the privilege of recording many songs throughout my career based on the incredible true stories of other people: “Held”, “Your Great Name”, “In Better Hands”, “Our Hope Endures” ... but this record and these new songs are my stories, written about my own life, and so I feel an even greater personal connection to them. After dealing with postpartum depression, walking with a family member through addiction, and struggling as I watched my father battle cancer - all while trying to figure out how to balance my professional life with my greatest calling as a wife and mother - I’ve see some stormy days in the past couple of years. But these songs are full of light, encouragement, honesty and faith. This record is full of new music that is positive, bright, pop and fresh, both musically and lyrically, which is almost the antitheses to how I have felt for the last few years, but it is the result of hope and faith. Because even when the storm is raging, we have hope. Even when everything seems dark, Jesus keeps the light on. When our faith grows dim, His strength helps us to burn bright. I feel these songs help me to tell that truth in a fresh and positive way. - NATALIE GRANT
1. Closer To Your Heart    
2. Hurricane    
3. For All Of Us    
4. Dead Alive    
5. Born To Be (feat. Gary Levox)    
6. Burn Bright    
7. This Is Love    
8. Whisper    
9. When I Leave The Room    
10. In The End    

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